Denominación de Origen Toro


Amancio Moyano Muñoz, CECRV´s new President


Last monday during the meeting in the Ministry of Agriculture, D. Amancio  Moyano Muñoz, Chairman of the Denomination of Origin Toro, was elected as new President of the Spanish Conference of  Wine Regulatory Boards (CECRV). Giving relief to the last presidency, Valdepeñas, and looking for a new Secretary of the Conference.The choice was clear, ... Read more ...

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Wineries demand on labels increases up to 27,6%

In the first three months of 2007 the Appellation of Origin Toro has supplied to its 43 registered wineries a quantity of 2.825.000 of labels to qualify the bottling of their selected wines. Comparing with the figures of the same period in the previous year where the quantity of labels granted was 2.214.000, proportional increase results of 27,60 per cent, value stated by the Appellation as ... Read more ...
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A Gold Award and five Silver Awards obtained in Paris at the “Vinalies Internacional Contest”

A gold medal and five silver medals have been assigned to the “ Apellation of Origin TORO” at the Vinalies Internacional Contest, orgazined by the Winemakers Union of France in Paris from the 2nd to the 6th of March 2007. “Liberalia Cinco 2003” by Liberalia Enologica won the gold medal, highest award in the competition. This same winery was prized also with a silver medal for its ... Read more ...
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